Details for racers:

Gate Admission:

  • $10 per person
  • Everyone pays admission, except kids 12 and under, who are free when accompanied by an adult
  • This means spectators, drivers, pit crew – everyone pays the $10 entrance fee.

Racing Permit:

  • $50 per driver/per vehicle
  • Drivers under 19 must have a parent/guardian present.
  • New: Limit of 75 drivers per event


  • Must wear boots covering your ankles, helmet, gloves and jacket. Proper safety pants are encouraged but jeans will be accepted at less than 7.4 seconds.

Safety notes: 

  • New: Minimum SNELL 2010 helmet required. As of 2023 SNELL 2020 helmet will be required.
  • New: Racing belts MUST be within 2 years of the race date (if only the manufacturing date is shown) or have a clearly visible expiry date.

Tech Sheet: 

Waiver registration:

This year our insurance provider Stoneridge insurance has advised that ALL event waivers for participants for all race events they insure must be submitted online.

Please create your waiver BEFORE you come to the track, and bring it with you to cut down on registration wait time.

You can sign and submit these driver waivers one of two ways:

Option 1:

Click here to create a profile and register for race events: MotorsportReg.

Once your profile is created you can search by the track name (Richter Pass Motorplex) and find our events. This can keep your information all in one place for your reference at a later date.  The waiver you create will be checked online by our admin team and will be compared with your driver’s license.  Please ensure that your name matches that on your government-issued ID, and that your face is clearly visible.

Option 2:

Click on the unique event link we provide below (or scan the QR code) to directly access the event waiver using your smartphone.

  1. Double-check that you are registering for the correct date and location
  2. Fill out your name as it appears on your government-issued ID along with your cell phone number and tick the box that states, “I confirm that I am an adult of legal age and I agree to the SpeedWaiver Privacy Policy.”
  3. Click GET MY WAIVER.
  4. You will be sent a text message with a link. Click on the link to pull up the waiver.
  5. Click the box to agree to the terms.
  6. You will then be prompted to take a photo of yourself.  Ensure that we can fully see your face (no masks) as this will be compared to your Driver’s License photo ID when you come to the administration trailer to get your tech sheet. When you are happy with the photo – click next.
  7. Read the waiver – scroll to the bottom and sign and click next.
  8. You will receive a link to your completed waiver. Bring it with you along with your photo ID to the administration trailer for processing and sign-in.

Waiver links:

Or scan:

May 14/15

Click here -> June 4/5 Waiver Link

Or scan:

June 4/5

Click here -> June 18/19 Waiver Link

Or scan:

June 18/19

Click here -> September 10/11 Waiver Link

Or scan:

September 10/11

Click here -> September 24/25 Waiver Link

Or scan:

September 24/25